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Our first ever event!

So saturday was our first event ever with Firehouse Grilling Co. Although we do not yet have the truck converted, we managed to cater/host with a commercial grill and griddle and a whole lot of work. We hosted at a local winery called Matus Winery. They have an adorable little set-up back in the woods out in the country. It was their St. Patricks day party so we went with that theme for our menu. We totally rocked that event. The food was a hit and people loved the fire truck!

A few things we learned:

1. Systems are important. Once you have a system down you are pretty much good to go.

2. Becasue we delivered the food to the tables, it is important to get some sort of marking system with a number on it to give to the customers so I can find them to deliver their food.

3. People were coming up ordering food to go, we need to get "to go" boxes.

All in all it was a great time and good experience for us.

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